About Us

The Council for British Archaeology Wales group is a charity that serves to promote interest in the historic environment of Wales and to bring together those interested in Welsh archaeology.

CBA Wales campaigns for the local heritage of Wales and supports local groups such as the Young Archaeologists Club.

The committee meets four times a year, with the Annual General Meeting in October and a Business Meeting in the spring.

CBA Wales also produces Archaeology in Wales, the journal on recent archaeological discoveries relating to Wales. The journal is free to subscribing members and is produced on an annual basis. It includes a gazetteer of recent archaeological work undertaken in Wales as well as longer contributions. We welcome contributions of all sizes from all organisations with an interest in recent archaeological work in Wales.

If you have any questions regarding the organisation, please contact Cyllene Griffiths at: cyllenegriffiths@archaeologyuk.org

If you are interested in contributing to Archaeology in Wales, please contact the editor, Hawys Jones at: hawys.jones@uwtsd.ac.uk

For membership enquiries, please contact our Membership Secretary, Kathy Laws, at kathy.laws@hotmail.co.uk

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